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Along My Journey Through Art

This year has been a challenge for the entire world. We've had our personal challenges as well, dealing with a profound loss in our family, moving to a new state, caring for older parents, and just dealing with the restrictions on our lives that Covid 19 has brought.

I've been thinking about the bravery of women through the ages, all of the roles that we must assume, and the tremendous strength of character so many women have shown and continue to do so in fighting for equality and dignity. I'm inspired by all the women who have fought in war for freedom, women who have stretched their boundaries by demonstrating tremendous acts of bravery, humility, and unconventionality, women who have raised families alone, and women who show self sacrifice in everyday life. I want to honor them in the only way I know how. By painting them. My latest work is a tribute to all the of the women who have guided us on our journey.

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