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Art in a New Year

Already it's February and that's nearly over, too. I must admit, the first part of the year I was occupied with reorganizing after the holidays and getting through the election, etc. I still tried to be productive in art, but found myself distracted with other events. But I have some good news. So often, artists go through periods of self doubt, and I must admit I've had a lot of those periods lately. I wonder if what I'm doing is of any value, but thankfully those times pass and I keep plodding on.

In searching online for organizations that focus on womens' issues and those that focus on celebrating the successes of women throughout history, I came across Their mission is to "inspire and inform and ensure that the triumphs and struggles of women and girls have a powerful platform." I noticed that they have an Art section, so I sent them a query describing my Women Who Have Guided Us On Our Path series to see if they would be interested in reviewing my paintings. Yes, they were!

And, they asked if I would like to be included on their website with images of my paintings, an Artist's statement about my work on the series, and a Bio. Wow, that was so exciting.

Everything has been sent off and will be on their site in March.

Boy, did that give me a boost. So, today I feel great, have so much inspiration and can't wait to get painting. A few weeks can be entirely different!

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