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Painting Through Difficult Times

I was honored to participate in three shows this summer and fall. The Rio Grande Art Association's Summer Show in Corrales, NM, The Corrales Historical Society's fall show at the beautiful San Ysidro Church in Corrales, NM, and the Placitas Artist Series in Placitas, NM.

We also had some changes in our household which has given me more time and a dedicated studio to paint! But, just when things seemed to be smooth sailing ahead, I fell and broke my patella on my left leg and that has thrown much of daily life into a new realm. After being in a leg brace for 6 weeks, crunch time is here to start to bend my knee and strengthen the muscles that were dormant for weeks. It is tough, no doubt about it.

I really wasn't comfortable painting at my easel until recently, so painting went on the back burner. But, as is true of most things, perspective is good and I had a chance to reflect on where I want my art to go moving forward.

I am finishing the last painting in my Women Who Have Guided Us On Our Path series and am going to move on from that for the time being. The last painting is of 3 "Comfort Women" from a photograph taken by photographer Paula Allen, who kindly allowed me to use her photo as a basis for my painting.

Also on a personal level, my husband and I are going to begin spending half of the year in Ajijic, Mexico, and I am thrilled to have new inspiration for my work. I've always been an admirer of Mexican art, culture, architecture, and of course, the food! New adventures often mean a new way of looking at life and art and keeps us moving forward in life in very positive ways.

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